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Ready to Work Boulder

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Boulder Jobs

Posted on March 25 2016 by Boulder Employment in boulder jobs, boulder co jobs, jobs in boulder

Boulder Colorado Jobs

Boulder Colorado Jobs

In order to become more proficient, you first have to establish a human baseline of efficiency that you can measure against and improve upon. In this case, the baseline for your team will be the amount of time it takes for a worker or a group of workers to produce a single, solid, finished product and move it out the door (there are other contributing factors to consider, but they are out of your direct control).

Establish your baseline by subtracting the time it takes to move a product through the mechanization process from the overall time it takes to manufacture a product. Once subtracted, you'll be left with the time it takes a worker, or a team, to complete a job.Step 13 Denver

Once the baseline is established, look for ways in which your team can improve upon its overall and individual performance throughout the manufacturing process. Examine carefully every touch-point where a human is required to do a task to see if that task might be re-engineered so that it can be done faster or better or more safely.

When measuring performance, however, make sure that you measure improvements against product quality, or you could end up making a product whose value is diminished as quickly as it is made.

Dear John,

I graduated in May with a master's degree in organizational management with a specialization in human resources management. I have nearly 16 years administrative/legal assistance experience, so my new focus represents a career change for me. I just completed a six-month internship as part of my degree requirements, but am having the most difficult time getting a job in my field of study.

I've joined three professional organizations and even serve as a volunteer on one of their boards, but still nothing. I need some practical advice as to what else to do to find a job. What do you suggest?

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Dear Abused and Confused,

Start thinking outside the box and start looking for work inside industries that, due to advances in technology and technological ease of use, are rebuilding infrastructures to improve services and performance.

Industries that are benefiting most from technology and business-process advancements and that are information and human-capital top-heavy are the best places to start your search. Market yourself to libraries, academic and government institutions and even defense industries as, most assuredly, these sectors are implementing the types of organizational and informational delivery systems changes that you've been educated to lead and support.

Take the road less traveled and get there first.